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CES2-6351Recreational Drone Fundamentals

Course Description

Learn to fly a drone and have fun safely! Review basic terminology, various types of drones, laws and regulations, and how to safely use and store your equipment. Learn where and when you can fly. Emphasis on pre-flight inspection and safety protocols. Class includes practice flying Schoolcraft College's quadcopters. Requirement: all students must sign a waiver. Daytime classes have a one hour lunch break not included in CEU total.

Course Schedule

Fall - 2024

Course Title:Recreational Drone Fundamentals
Meeting Info:11/09/2024 LEC Saturday 09:00 AM-04:00 PM, Room JC 122. 11/09/2024 LEC Saturday 09:00 AM-04:00 PM, Room JC 123. 1 Week
Meeting Dates:11/09/24 - 11/09/24
Instructors:C. Meyer
Fee/Senior Cost Fee:$139.00/ SA$111.20


** book required

* book and USB required

+ USB required

< required for Certificate of Photography