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CES-8558Genetics & You!: Grades 7, 8 & 9

Course Description

What is more interesting than you? Understand the fundamentals of genetics including the role of DNA in your body. Participate in hands-on activities such as building model systems using candy and extracting strawberry DNA. Engage in lab activities to explore the molecular and organismal aspects of inheritance. Discover how genetics influences your appearance and health, and how the environment can shape it as well. Bring a bag lunch to camp each day.

Course Schedule

Spring & Summer - 2024

Course Title:Genetics & You!: Grades 7, 8 & 9
Meeting Info:07/22/2024 - 07/26/2024 LEC Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 09:00 AM-03:00 PM, Room F 270. 1 Week
Meeting Dates:07/22/24 - 07/26/24
Instructors:E. Jones
Fee/Senior Cost Fee:$279.00/ SA$279.00


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