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CES-8468Bio/Chem - One World: Grades 7, 8 & 9

Course Description

The world around you is a humungous science lab waiting to happen. Look closely at everyday things and discover how their chemical and biological makeup defines them. Through information sharing and exciting labs you'll see science in a whole new light. Don't worry if you are not really experienced with science, the class is flexible and may be adjusted to suit any range of abilities. Bring a bag lunch to camp each day.

Course Schedule

Spring & Summer - 2024

Course Title:Bio/Chem - One World: Grades 7, 8 & 9
Meeting Info:08/12/2024 - 08/16/2024 LEC Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 09:00 AM-03:00 PM, Room F 270. 1 Week
Meeting Dates:08/12/24 - 08/16/24
Instructors:K. Boffman
Fee/Senior Cost Fee:$249.00/ SA$249.00


** book required

* book and USB required

+ USB required

< required for Certificate of Photography