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CES-3687Welding Techniques & Unique Art: Sophomore - Senior

Course Description

Learn the skills and process of welding. Begin by learning the basic safety skills and knowledge of metal welding and fabrication. Understand the basics of MIG, TIG, Stick & Oxy-acetylene welding methods, as well as other fabrication techniques. Once you have some skills developed, showcase them by creating a metal art sculpture. For safety reasons wear closed-toe shoes, a 100 percent cotton or natural fiber long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Please, no synthetic clothing. Additional safety equipment will be provided. Bring a bag lunch to camp each day.

Course Schedule

Spring & Summer - 2024

Course Title:Welding Techniques & Unique Art: Sophomore - Senior
Meeting Info:08/05/2024 - 08/09/2024 LEC Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 08:30 AM-02:30 PM, Room MEC 130. 1 Week
Meeting Dates:08/05/24 - 08/09/24
Instructors:D. Stuart
Fee/Senior Cost Fee:$279.00/ SA$279.00


** book required

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