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CES2-6458Computer Technology for Everyday Use

Course Description

This relaxed and friendly, hands-on class teaches basic computer terms, functions, and computer tips and tricks. Become at ease navigating and using Windows 10 operating system while reviewing internet searching and email etiquette. Learn to print, share and save files. Review various Office 365 applications, working with Word to complete simple Word project(s). Your patient instructor will also discuss how to purchase a computer. *Daily handouts are included.

Course Schedule

Fall - 2024

Course Title:Computer Technology for Everyday Use
Meeting Info:09/25/2024 - 10/09/2024 LEC Monday Wednesday 05:30 PM-08:00 PM, Room JC 112. 3 Wks
Meeting Dates:09/25/24 - 10/09/24
Instructors:N. Makulski
Fee/Senior Cost Fee:$194.00/ SA$155.20


** book required

* book and USB required

+ USB required

< required for Certificate of Photography